NBDE I Dental Boards Mastery App Reviews

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Great app

The app was a really fun way of preparing for Boards. It's also really easy to use. I loved it!

Main way that I studied for NBDE I

Get this app. Seriously. I studied only using this and some anatomy diagrams that I had on hand. And I passed!

Best Material Ever

This got me through man, Thanks for the awesome product.. definitely going to buy the part 2 app. And yes if you go though this you don’t need ASDA papers.. Thanks for the app.. Cheers..

Wonderful app

This app is amazing I’m enjoying so much , highly recommended

Sponsored ads!

Why the freak am i seeing sponsored ads on an app i paid 100$ for!?

Best app ever

Everything you need for the boards is in this app

Decent study aid

I like it for the most part. There are some very weirdly worded questions sometimes, which maybe the real boards will have that. The biggest complaint is the pictures associated with the answers, they usually don’t show specifically what the answer is talking about, and they are often very pixelated like they were jus pulled from google thumbnails. For the price of this app, I would expect much better pictures.

Studying for Boards

App is helpful and has a large variety of questions. However, two things that could be better with the app - better photos and search bar to find certain questions that the app contains. I will have to check back in March if I have successfully passed boards or not! And also to review how helpful the app actually is!

Amazing resource!!!

Thank you to the creators of this program! Extremely helpful, organized, and informative guide to the National Boards - Part 1 :)

It's worth the cost!

Awesome app!

Really helpful

I really recommend this app. Studying for boards now and everyone says it’s very helpful. Only problem is that the pictures it has in the explanations in anatomy are pretty subpar. Some of them don’t even have the structure the question was talking about. Luckily it’s easy to google, but I feel like that could do a much better job with that easily.

Awesome customer service

I never rate apps, but they did such a good job I had to give them 5 stars. I purchased the full price premium version. And two weeks later my class presented me with a bulk purchase that would give everyone 30% off. Emailed them and even after having the app for two weeks they are sending me a refund.

Awesome product

I bought the dental boards mastery app way back in June-ish 2016. I took my boards july 2017 and passed on my first attempt. This app is amazing, the actual exam is very similar. The app is intuitive and makes studing more fun. I preferred these over the "dental decks" which I thought was just way too much material. They (used to?) have a money back guarantee if you can show them that you did not pass..... I am not sure if that is still available but for me that was what sold me, however now that I am going into the 2nd boards exam I think I will go straight for this app again.


Great app, very useful

Great for review on the go... wish it had better pictures for most of the explanations though!

Good UI and content

👌🏽I like it

Great App!

Great App!

Nbde Part 1

Good to review or test yourself on the go. Would have like a high yield concept reviews section in addition to the questions.


Good app, great way to speed through info on the go

Like it



This app has everything

Part 1


Very useful

It really helped me pass part I! I wish the part II app was cheaper though...


Awesome app



Love the app but...

I love this app as a tool to study for the board but I think that instead of updating the "look" of it, the most important would be updating the content as the "oral physiology" that is "coming soon!" and never comes... As it says at the "test breakdown" we need to focus in the oral, head and neck parts. So for me would be more interesting to have this update than any visual update...

Great Study Tool!

Simple interface, high yield question topics, and thorough explanations. A must have for NBDE 1.

Great app!

This app well exceeded my expectations. I over $1000 for my Dat preparation and did not get out of what I got from this app. Keep up the good work!

Great study app for boards

Awesome study tool for NBDE 1!

Great application!

Love the explanations, pictures, and mnemonics!


is a good app but why you don’t make it compatible with MacBook?

Great application

Totally awesome and convenient app 😁 Really helpful!

Great App!

This app was very useful. I loved how many questions there are for each subject.


Me encanta!!!!


The app is very helpful, though I do think some of the images ( dental anatomy) are repetitive and some are even irrelevant . More detailed pictures of occlusal anatomy of individual teeth would be very helpful.


What a truly amazing app. Just found out I passed NBDE1!! Could not have done it without this useful app. So versatile and makes board studying less of a struggle. It even allows you to access the questions from your computer browser as well. Will definitely be purchasing Mastery for part II.

Great Way To Begin Studying

I just began studying for NBDE Part I and so far this app has been extremely helpful. I intend to supplement my studying with other test prep in the future, but this is an extremely convenient and well-organized way to begin reviewing material. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is dreading boards studying.

Boards app

This app has been a very useful study tool for boards preparation. With over 1000 sample questions and complete explanations, it provides many hours of practice.

Good, solid app

Very good app to help study for boards, with convenient tools which track your progress. I appreciate the ability to both categorize questions I don't know as well as star specific ones. Would love to see an even greater variety of questions. Support is fantastic, and has responded very quickly both times that I had to contact them and they were friendly and very helpful. Very convenient way to study for boards without lugging around ten million flash cards, like dental dex.



A study tool you cannot live without

So portable and thorough. Can study anywhere on the go!

Great app

Very helpful, and you can use it everywhere !

Great Resource

This app is much more engaging than a book and is easy to pull up when you are just trying to get in a quick couple of questions and answers. Best of luck to all that are taking it!

Great Product

This app is a great way to study during down time of commutes! It's fantastic explanations allow you to casually study the material at your own pace. Customer support is excellent as well!

A necessary study tool

This app is an absolutely necessary tool for part 1 boards. It's great to study for long periods or a quick bus ride. I can't just read from a book and stay engaged but this app made it easy to get through all of the material.

Great App

Good helper to study .

Passed Part 1 - Only used this app to study

Dental Boards Mastery Team: I just wanted to say thank you very much to all of you for your app. I really appreciated your prompt responses to my suggestions throughout the weeks I was studying. My study plan and routine was interrupted and changed dramatically due to unplanned travel and unforeseen illness, and due to convenience, your mobile app ended up being my sole source for studying for boards. I went through all of the app twice during my studying. I just received my results and I passed! Thanks again, Grateful and Releived!

Highly recommended

Excellent tool! Worth buying the full deal.

Great app

A very useful app especially for revising your information after you're done with your other studying materials.

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